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About Us


Krohn Dairy Store is a full service cheese shop offering over 100 styles of Wisconsin cheese including fresh, warm curds. We pride ourselves on our personal service, cheese knowledge, and extensive selection. For over 100 years we have been helping people discover the endless possibilities that cheese offers.

Ever wonder what Muenster is? Ask for a sample! We love to help you find your new favorite product and we love to give you the opportunity to TRY it first. Our cheese specialists are constantly educating themselves with the newest trends and oldest traditions in the industry.


Our creative team takes cheese to a new level with value added products like handmade pizza made fresh daily, hot toasted subs, soups, cheese dips, and even cheesecake. Please take the time to come meet us and discover how our award winning Mozzarella is made, which cheeses are best for grilled sandwiches, or the newest recipe we are cooking.

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