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Holiday Cheese List 2018

Fontina is noted for its earthy, mushroomy, and woody taste, it pairs exceedingly well with roasted meats and dry white wine. Made by a local artisan!

Edam  A soft, nutty cheese that originated in the Netherlands. Edam is lower in fat but not flavor and pairs well with fruits and dry white wines.


Gouda We discovered a new gouda that is so mouthwatering you won’t want to make your holiday recipes without it! In true Dutch culture, cheesemaking was the woman’s job. Try this young cheese with grapes, caramels, and semisweet red wines.


Smoked Gouda Same wonderful gouda with a light natural smoke. Great with dry white wine and in your favorite savory casseroles.


Mascarpone is a triple cream spreadable cheese that is sweet and very smooth. Use it in cheesecakes and other holiday desserts.Try the Tiramisu Mascarpone for an instant dessert!


Riccotta  a creamy white, mild, fresh cheese with a soft texture and a slightly sweet flavor. Traditionally made with whey, ricotta is great in desserts and Italian pasta dishes.


Saxon Snowfeilds Butterkase  made with  winter milk so it is higher in fat. It has distinct creamy flavors with notes of Parmesan. Aged > 180 days

Sartori Sarveccio Parmesan a true classic! This aged parmesan has hints of lightly roasted caramel, aged to crumbly perfection. Pair it with a light Italian red wine, sweet champagne,  pears, and walnuts.


Italian Cheese Board  Last minute holiday party? Pick up this ready made platter with provolone, fontina, parmesan and asiago for only $5.99


Gruyere a hard swiss style cheese that is sweet, salty and a bit nutty. Used often for cooking and fondue because of its excellent melt.


Sharp Aged Caraway A Christmas Classic! We only release this hand made, hand cut cheese once a year. Experience a well balanced aged cheddar studded with caraway seeds. You can only get it here, and you can only get it in December. (limited quantities)

Prosciutto Roll Fresh mozzarella rolled up with basil and prosciutto ham. Just slice and put out for an effortless holiday display.


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